Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SWAG

The SWAG’s focus is on providing Philadelphia’s young athletes with accelerated technical development and professional coaching in a fun setting.

The SWAG offers athletic and educational programming for children ages 4-8 in the Philadelphia area, namely The SWAG Starter, The SWAG Select, and SWAG Impact.

The SWAG offers all programming at no cost to families.  The SWAG is fully funded by donations.  If you want to support SWAG programming, click here.

Starter days are open soccer clinics for any child aged 4 to 8.  Starter Days are held seasonally, in collaboration with community organizations throughout the Philadelphia area.

SWAG Select is an elite, invitation-only program for the most talented young athletes.  SWAG Select players are selected by the coaching staff based on athletic ability and progress demonstrated by players during Starter sessions.

The SWAG Impact is an innovative educational program for offered to SWAG Select players annually, primarily 1st and 2nd grade students.

SWAG Impact is designed to enhance literacy, communication skills and early fundamentals in writing composition, history, and geography. Learn more about The SWAG Impact here.

Registration is quick and easy through our portal at

Any child aged 4 to 8 can participate in the SWAG Starter Program, they do not need to try out.

The SWAG Select Program is by invitation only.  We do not hold formal tryouts.  However, The SWAG will host SWAG Starter Days and SWAG Talent ID Clinics throughout the year. These clinics are an opportunity for any players (age 4 to 7) to showcase their talents to the coaching staff. The coaching staff will evaluate each player and choose individuals to participate in the SWAG Select program.

SWAG Starter is an entry-level soccer program, which provides an introduction to the game and provides new players with an opportunity to learn and gain a familiarity with the basics of the game in a fun and engaging setting within their own communities.

SWAG Programming

Currently our training sessions are held in several locations throughout the Upper Darby, North Philadelphia and Southwest Philadelphia regions.

The SWAG offers sessions six days a week. Weekday training sessions are held in the evenings, after school.

There are different session types to accommodate each child’s level of play:

-SWAG Starter (open to public – ages 4 to 8)

-SWAG Select (by invitation only)

SWAG Select players will participate in games and tournaments throughout the year.  SWAG Starter players play intramural games, which are built into the training sessions.

In 3v3 games, there are fewer players on the field.  With fewer players on the field, each player has more opportunities to touch the ball, using and improving his soccer skills. Small-sided games can develop your player’s decision-making, technical attributes, tactical knowledge, and physical conditioning through functional movements. Also, small-sided soccer is FUN and allows more opportunities to score. Scoring can increase self-esteem, character development and team chemistry!

Benefits of small-sided 3v3 games:

-More touches on the ball

-Increased number of game-related decision-making opportunities

-Constant transition from attacking to defensive situations

-Increased 1v1 encounters (attacking & defending)

-Increased opportunities to be in 2v1 situations (attacking & defending)

SWAG Select players will also get acclimated to the full game format by playing 7v7 games. The full game format will allow Select players to learn the rules and regulations of the game, such as offsides and throw-ins. Additionally, players will gain tactical awareness with positioning and spacing. Comfort with the 7v7 format prepares SWAG players for the next level of their soccer journey, after graduation from The SWAG

The SWAG compete against various local teams and clubs.  In some instances, SWAG Select teams compete above their age group.

Yes!  In addition to after-school training sessions, The SWAG provides in-school programming where coaches run soccer sessions as an enhancement to gym class.  If you’re interested in hosting The SWAG at your child’s school, please contact Relationship Ambassador, Darra Griffin.

More Information for Current and Future SWAG Players

Practice shirts are provided to all SWAG participants. These shirts should be worn at each SWAG training session.

SWAG Select players will be provided with uniforms for game and tournament play.

Yes, each player receives a soccer ball as part of their training, at no cost to the family. It is important that each player uses the soccer ball at home to work on skills and techniques they learned at practice.

Parents and caregivers are responsible for transportation to and from training and games.

Parents can reach out to The SWAG’s Community Ambassador Darra Griffin via email ( or 610-251-2111.

The time commitment is based on the program:

SWAG Starter: 2 days a week

SWAG Select: 3 to 4 days a week

You can help in two ways.  First, make sure your child attends all training sessions and games.  Then, at home, help your player practice what they’ve learned. Home practice helps players improve at a faster pace.

Supporting The SWAG

Donations to the SWAG can be made on our website here:

You can also mail your check:

Charity for the Arts, Sports & Education
Attention: The SWAG Soccer
3811 West Chester Pike
Building Two, Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073

Formed in 2013, the Silverback Educational Foundation for the Arts, Dance & Athletics (Silverback Foundation or SEFADA) is a tax-exempt charitable foundation under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, supporting the education, the arts, dance and athletics. EIN: 46-4902114.  The Silverback Foundation provides funding for SWAG programming.


Formed in 2021, the Charity for the Arts, Sports & Education (CHASE) is a nonprofit corporation and public charity with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code supporting the arts, sports, and education. EIN: 87-3153333.  CHASE provides financial support for SWAG programming.


If interested in coaching with The SWAG, please reach out to Director of Coaching Nick Bibbs ( for more information.

Volunteers can reach out to The SWAG’s Community Ambassador Darra Griffin via email ( or 610-251-2111.

Working with an organization interested in partnering with The SWAG? Please reach out to The Silverback Foundation’s Director of Development Alek Klincewicz via email (